MEPs\’ Expenses Claims

Lovely story in the News of the World about MEPs\’ expenses.

Here for a right old bashing of Tom Wise (I\’m told by those in the know that at least one of the reasons he left UKIP was so that he might continue to avail himself of some of these possibilities).

Here for a look at some Tories and others.

I also hear from those in the know that the NOTW team couldn\’t find any UKIP MEPs abusing the system in the same way.  I know very well, for example, that the airline ticket scam is not allowed for those in the party.

Not that all of this is all that new of course. The Social Affairs Unit published a guide to how to work the system just after the last elections.

There is of course only one thing left of interest: who helped the NOTW girl to get that job in Brussels in the first place?

Beats me for sure.


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  1. He’s left the Ind Dem group, not UKIP. He still, for some bizarre reason, thinks that he’s a UKIP MEP despite not being so since March 2007.

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