My, My, How Convenient

Some of Tony Blair’s expenses claims, which the High Court last week ruled should be disclosed to the public, have been shredded. The documents, itemising Blair’s claims for household expenses during a year of his premiership, were destroyed in the midst of a legal battle over whether they should be published. All MPs’ expenses are funded by taxpayers.

It is a criminal offence to destroy documents to prevent their disclosure under freedom of information (FOI) laws, but Westminster officials say they were unaware that the files were the subject of a legal challenge. They insist they were destroyed by mistake.

Just stunningly convenient, don\’t you think?

Anybody else remember Rose Mary Wood?


2 thoughts on “My, My, How Convenient”

  1. Then presumably he should be forced to pay back everything he claimed on expenses, if he cannot now prove it was legitimate?

    I’m pretty sure that is the attitude the inland revenue would take if any of us tried that…

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