My Word, What a Surprise!

Volunteers with no experience of social work are successfully being used in a groundbreaking scheme to help the families of children on the at-risk register.

Two trials conducted over the past three years have led to the removal from the register of all the children involved, The Times has learnt. Crucially, the children have remained off the register. Nationally, two thirds of children who are taken off it are put back on again.

Amateurs do better than trained professionals, who would have thought it?

Of course, the amateurs are simply getting on with things rather than going to planning meetings on outreach projects to the excluded disabled minorty ethnic  people of alternative gender assignation meetings…..hmmm, I wonder, could that be the reason?

1 thought on “My Word, What a Surprise!”

  1. This is a telling extract from that article:

    “Crucially, they get parents to rehearse what they want to say to social workers while remaining calm. Social workers would ultimately decide whether to take the children into care or off the at-risk register.”

    In other words, they’ve successfully circumvented efforts by social workers to wind up the parents in order to secure ‘evidence’ of their unfitness to be parents…

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