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Allow me to sum up the European Union for you.

We\’ll note that the septics and the Brits have developed interesting technologies. Say, social betworking ones like Facebook and Bebo. Then we\’ll decide that these can be useful in our own endeavours. So far, this is actually pretty good, look around the world and see who has invented what that you can use.

Then we\’ll develop our own version at great cost and only in a manner whereby the insiders to the system can use it.

Creating and running the new service will cost more than £4,000 for each Euro-MP over the next 18 months, even though many already belong to free and popular networking sites such as Facebook or Bebo.

Despite the use of taxpayers\’ cash, will not be visible to the public, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

Only parliamentarians and "civil society", Brussels-speak for officially sanctioned NGOs and trade associations, will be able to use the site for comment and debate.

And in doing this we will screw the taxpayers:

After receiving an online demonstration of the website, one Euro-MP\’s office asked MyParl organisers whether there was a cost for the service. "Totally free. Well, not for the taxpayer of course," was the answer.

Please, can we leave yet?


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  2. You’re disgusting. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating, but I think you are too. It’s not because you pay for Britain’s nuclear arsenal , that you can just walk in a military base, and claim your right to shoot one.

    ‘It’s the taxpayers money’ is a good argument, but not having direct access to something doesn’t implies that you wouldn’t benefit from it.

    I’ve got three questions and answers for you:
    -Wouldn’t you benefit from a better co-operation between European members of Parliament?


    -Do you need to be involved directly? Considering that you, like every citizen of the European Union, were responsible for the the election of these people?*


    -Would you post a similar (eurosceptical) message if the European Union used an ordinary social networking site like Bebo?


    *You don’t complain about the fact that you can’t walk in the British Houses of Parliament and make your point either….

    Tim adds: Question 1, the answer is no. I would benefit greatly from there being no European members of Parliament, indeed no European parliament nor European Union at all. As, I submit, would every other citizen on the continent.

    2) I wasn’t suggesting that I needed to be involved directly: only that we shouldn’t be wasting money in this manner.

    3) No. Because there wouldn’t be that waste of money, would there?

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