Not Sure I Believe These Figures

There\’s a problem here, at least for me.

Living in East Dorset gives you the best chance of growing into old age, with almost eight in ten residents expected to reach 75.

That problem is encapsulated in a saying from a few decades ago. Retired Indian Army colonels go to Cheltenham to die and when they do their wives move to Eastbourne to die and when they get there forget why they went.

Given that the South West (and East Dorset in particular) is indeed a destination for pensioners how much of this effect is simply survivor bias?

7 thoughts on “Not Sure I Believe These Figures”

  1. Well, I went to Bournemouth last weekend: You couldn’t move for pensioners and nine tenths of the people in the hotel were surely over 60. I suspect you’re probably right.

  2. Mark Easton’s “analysis” on BBC TV 10:00 News last night regurgitated this report’s conclusions (more or less) verbatim and, as further illustratory evidence, showed Mancunians smoking and drinking in a pub garden and Devonians exercising in a gym. No mention of your possible alternative explanation (which occurred to Mrs U immediately). There again, who expects journalism or intelligent analysis (as against reading out press announcements) from our state broadcaster?

  3. Next they will be telling us that folk in the cemetary have the lowest rates of convictions for armed robbery, and pregnancy increases immunity to prostate cancer…

  4. I always thought the crumblies fetched up in Essex. “Harwich for the Continent, Frinton for the incontinent.”

    Mind you, there’s a fair few in my native Isle of Wight. Shanklin and Ventnor are codger central.

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