That rise in the personal allowance? Yes, it was only for one year:

A Treasury spokesman hinted last night that the one-off help to most taxpayers this year would not be repeated and that Darling would target assistance at the lowest paid next year through tax credits.

Harsh as it may sound I\’d actually love him to claw it back at the next budget. I would relish the cratering of the entire Labour Party at the next election.

3 thoughts on “O, Oh.”

  1. They have run out of road, haven’t they? Gone completely bonkers.

    Maybe the men in white coats will get them before the voters do.

  2. They are done for.

    Gordon Brown could ride up to the steps of No 10 Downing Street on Shergar, clutching Madeline McCann, and it wouldn’t raise his public profile by one iota…

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