Polly on Housing

Don\’t think so love:

But consider how many houses that £2.7bn would have built. He could have been the new Macmillan of large-scale home-building.

That £2.7 billion at current average house prices would build 13,500 houses. Not a lot against his target of 3 million (and do recall that the £2.7 billion is a once off affair, not an annual number).

Even if we said that the land for these houses was to be free (ex-MoD land etc, and ignoring the opportunity costs of doing this) it still costs £100,000 to build a house. So perhaps 27,000 houses could be built for it.

Macmillan was lauded for reaching his target of 300,000 new houses.

Thus Brown could have been, at best, less than one tenth of a Macmillan: no, I didn\’t like Supermac very much either, but that comparison positively flatters Brown.


2 thoughts on “Polly on Housing”

  1. The government does not need a penny of OUR money to build new homes. Just relax the planning the laws and quicker than you can say “Semi-detached with en suite” you will have a building boom.

  2. …. and 180,000 of Supermac’s annual build of houses were COUNCIL HOUSES. So stuff that up your social democrat orifice, Polly.

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