Polly\’s Predictions

Although to give the Ol\’ Gal her dues, this was pretty prescient:

Politics is a cruel trade, as no doubt Cherie\’s forthcoming and much-to-be-dreaded autobiography will reveal. If, after the sheer vileness of Alastair Campbell\’s diaries, Cherie\’s book mirrors her sublimely un-self aware farewell film with Fiona Bruce, then fear the worst – it will all be served with revenge and no apology for her ample share in the money fixation that destroyed Blair\’s reputation.

5 thoughts on “Polly\’s Predictions”

  1. Greedie Boot’s antics do invite the thought that that fare-dodging episode all those years ago was just an attempt at theft.

  2. Little Black Sambo

    The main thought that occurs to me when I re-read an old Toynbee article is, Why ever did I bother to read it in the first place?

  3. Fare-dodging bitch. Didn’t think she’d get caught. The arrogance. Still, she is a scouser. It’s in the genes.

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