Reasonable Expectations

Spotted at The Devil:

The Commons authorities argued in court earlier that MPs had a reasonable expectation that there would not be full disclosure of expenses—only their total expenses.

Is irony the right word for this?

That on the one hand the argument is that MPs have some reasonable expectation that the rules are not changed upon them, but the voters don\’t have a reasonable expectation that the same MPs won\’t change the rules upon them, re, say, a referendum on the Constitutional Lisbon Treaty?

Or is irony not the right word, should we use something else to describe it. Chutzpah?

2 thoughts on “Reasonable Expectations”

  1. Cunting bastards. Sharpened cockroaches would be far too good for this lot, we need to think up some way to kill these utter gobshites that would make the very Devil cringe.

  2. “Brass neck”, I think, which carries just the hint of a suggestion that necks might usefully be stretched.

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