Sacks of Ferrets Again

So wonderful to see the Friends of the Earth bod having a go at Greenpeace.

It wasn’t so long ago that Greenpeace was out there very actively campaigning for the wholesale substitution of biofuels for hydrocarbon fuels, in order to help reduce emissions of C02. It’s gung-ho enthusiasm in those days was entirely unscientific (as in Greenpeace had done no proper life-cycle analysis, and entailed Greenpeace chumming up with some strange players – including Bob Shapiro of Monsanto who once fronted the bill at a Greenpeace Business Conference in 1999 to talk about the benefits of biotechnology. So if you put together an historical ‘public policy balance sheet’ on biofuels, over the last decade or so, it could even turn out to be the case that Greenpeace was indirectly responsible for the deaths of more orang-utans in the Indonesian rainforest than Unilever.

Tee hee.

5 thoughts on “Sacks of Ferrets Again”

  1. Priceless FoE accuses Greenpeace of promoting Biofuels, short memory these greenies have –
    Friends of the Earth 2004
    The Government should introduce a Biofuels Obligation, to stimulate a UK biofuels industry – as a lower carbon alternative to conventional transport fuels. The obligation would require that a proportion of all road transport fuels in the UK should be sourced from accredited renewable sources.

  2. LOL!

    It’s just as well for these organizations that they are no longer charities in the normal sense but rather slightly detached arms of govt, with the appropriate govt funding.

    Because it’s pretty clear that no sensible member of the public would or should give a fucking penny to either of these groups of imbeciles.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I read on the Guardian webpage (and I don’t say that very often – it may even be true) that prior to this nice Green-on-Green incident, Greenpeace was down at the South Pole looking for Japanese whalers. So was Sea Shepherd. Greenpeace found them and then would not tell Sea Shepherd where they were. You see SS intended to *prevent* the Japanese killing any whales. GP merely wanted to film them doing so – as well as GP making feeble efforts to prevent it. They needed the film footage for fund raising efforts and didn’t want SS claiming any of the credit. So they kept quiet. Nice.

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