So, Erm, Mary,

Plenty of sex in the speeches. Roman political oratory was full of sex – and especially the idea that your opponent was keen on being buggered. Adultery was (sort of) OK, so was buggering. But not what we classicists coyly call “being the passive partner”.

What term do you classicists use when you\’re not being coy?

10 thoughts on “So, Erm, Mary,”

  1. That’s not what I’ve heard about classicists – obsessed with ancient sexual terms and innuendo is more like it.

  2. Bish,

    Surely “tops” and “bottoms” are BDSM-specific terms for dominant and submissive partners?

    I thought the classical term for someone on the receiving end of the Bulgarian vice was “catamite”.

    “Discussing Ugandan affairs in Greek”?

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