So Much for Security Vetting

An MI5 agent has resigned after his prostitute wife engineered the tabloid sting that exposed Max Mosley, the head of motor racing, for taking part in a sado-masochistic orgy.

So the story goes they married last year. Doesn\’t bode well for the state of the security service\’s vetting of its own employees now, does it?

Don\’t forget that the Government wants to change the law so that you can be locked up in jail on the unsupported and uncorroborated say so of these people for 42 days. A pleasant thought, is it not?

3 thoughts on “So Much for Security Vetting”

  1. Don’t you think it refreshing to learn that at least one member of the burgeoning state apparatus is married to someone in an honest profession?

  2. OK, I’m having a problem seeing what is wrong here. So, this guy happens to be married to a good looking woman with high paying legal profession, who also happens to know exactly what men want in the bedroom. Lucky guy, but where is the bad?

    Of the two of them you can be pretty certain who’s career of choice has the best effect on Utility, and it won’t be the secret policeman.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I was once chatted to by some nice gentlemen about a job in a Government Organisation that actually exists these days I believe. I was very interested in the spouse issue because the very pretty young thing I was intending to spend the next seven or so years with until giving her a house came from what then might have been described as an enemy country. What I was told is that nothing much mattered as long as I was honest about it. For some reason the example they used was if I liked paying women to be spanked. Perhaps that was not a coincidence. They were “down with that” as long as I told them because then I could not be blackmailed. The issue was not my private life but whether or not I was open to blackmail.

    I did not take the job because of the spouse issue and despite their reassurances. On the plus side I didn’t have to hand over the house either. Didn’t quite make seven years. Or, if my memory is right, another seven months. A shame really. She was worth the house.

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