Spot On!

A handful of speakers leapt to the board\’s defence. One investor, Ron Johnson, said his Exxon shares had risen 28-fold in value since he bought them in 1979 and had helped to fund his two children through college.

"Some of our distinguished shareholder colleagues seem to have lost sight of why we hired you," he told the board. "That is, to make us money."


3 thoughts on “Spot On!”

  1. “A smattering of protesters wielded banners outside the meeting in Dallas with slogans such as “people before profits” and “oil: the new black death”.”

    The lights were off at Wal-Mart Bashing HQ this week as we focused on making signs for the Exxon protest.

  2. For large corporations, it’s a bit far-fetched to think that the shareholders hired the executives. More often the executives staged a putsch against the shareholders. Changes in company law might be desirable.

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