Spot the Problem

Camilla Templeman Adams goes to the North Pole.

Can you spot the error in this video?

14 thoughts on “Spot the Problem”

  1. I had two problems. One, the glaciers calving, which is implied to be the fault of global warming but in fact happens constantly in all weather conditions wherever there are glaciers– which, of course, does not include the Arctic.

    Two, they had to take rifles in case of polar bears? I’m appalled they’d shoot the poor things just because they wanted to eat… are we, after all, any more important than polar bears? Judging by approaching legislation in the states, polar bears are about to become more important than most people… and if they were that endangered, why does this team take rifles? Surely there just aren’t enough of them to worry about… right?

  2. Too funny. Someone should explain that there are no penguins at the North pole because the polar bears have eaten them all. Correspondingly, there are no polar bears at the South pole because the penguins have eaten them all.

  3. The was no mention of penguins on Tuesday, so perhaps that was edited out

    The error was

    “this film is to create dialogue not amongst adults talking because we are talking, but amongst 12 year olds and 15 year olds.”

    Clearly as an American she doesn’t realise that UK kids get bi weekly indoctrination on the environment from the age of 4. Mind you she does use “dialogue” in the modern sense of “monologue”.

  4. Hmmm – A glacier only calves when it is advancing, a retreating glacier merely sits there sulking whilts it gradually turns itself into melt water.

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