Such a Pity.

So the figures are out on how much Greener we\’re all becoming.

The first signs of a green revolution are emerging around the country as Britons treble their recycling and increase their use of public transport. But this enthusiasm is not reflected in attitudes towards other environmental concerns, with car ownership and use on the rise and air travel increasing "substantially" over the last four years.

So, umm, we\’re driving more and flying more. Not very green.

Some will welcome the fact that we are recycling more but, you see, given that climate change is the major environmental problem, and that recycling makes this worse, not better (beyond certain limits) that also isn\’t very good.

1 thought on “Such a Pity.”

  1. BlacquesJacquesShellacques

    “…given that climate change is the major environmental problem…”

    You keep saying that and it’s still not true.

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