Tania Zaetta

A Bollywood starlet has been accused of having sex with Australian SAS soldiers while on a morale-boosting trip to Afghanistan. The Australian military is investigating the allegations – strenuously denied by Tania Zaetta – that she slept with troopers during a tour of military bases last month.

But wasn\’t she supposed to be boosting morale?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    No greater sacrifice has a woman for her country … ?

    I think it is pretty disgusting. Either way. If she did, then good on her but keep it quiet because it will screw up her Bollywood career. If she didn’t, then whoever said she did is a fuckw!t of the first order.

    Oh what do you know “Angry” Anderson. Australia’s answer to Gary Glitter but before, you know, the whole kiddie porn thing.

  2. Impressive businesswoman too. She was on Gladiators or some stupid game show here in Oz as a presenter and decided to become a massive Bollywood star. I don’t think she is Indian at all.

    Interesting response from another entertainer, “I’ve heard of quickies mate, but you’d have to be really quick – we didn’t have time to do anything,”.

    The relevant government department has apologised. It seems absurd in the extreme.

  3. Errm but, in the unlikely event that she did do it, consenting adults and all that, what’s the problem? Do people (or even politicians) think that there is no shagging going on out there?

    I’d have to agree (Mrs S-E being out) with Aaron!

  4. I used to go to school with her brother Nathan. Christ, she’d be 40 now. She was a couple of years older than me and I’m 38. She was a little slut back then too. I wouldn’t put it past her to go bangers on the soldiers. She grew up in Studfield and Wantirna Victoria. Her dad was some sort of explosives expert up in Mildura.

    She’s 100% NOT Indian. Just remember we used to call Nathan ‘Little Wog’ back at school.

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