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The Mirror and the Royal Mail

Who would have thought it? No elephants!

So, that\’s the Times, The Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, Sun, Mirror, Mail and Express.

All of them carried the story about the liberalisation of the Royal Mail.

Not one of them mentioned that it\’s all due to an EU Directive. Not a single sausage from any of them.

Do these people actually read the reports they report upon?

4 thoughts on “The Mirror and the Royal Mail”

  1. No, they don’t. They read PA and PA refused to acknowledge that it was an EU directive.

    Another reason for not reading the papers and embracing the fifth estate!

  2. It somehow seems strange that Britain contains probably the most Euro-skeptic population in the EU but, at the same time, also seems to be the only country trying to fulfill EU regulations. Germany has taken two routes to non-fulfillment:

    follow the rules while destroying them at the same time
    see opening the post to competition then ramming through a post worker minimum wage law which successfully stifled all budding

    just not following the rules:

    see the State run banking system which is now being bailed out with tax money for wisely investing in putting Americans into McMansions without McCollateral or McIncome.

  3. I gave up reading the ‘newspapers’ ages ago. The missus collects the freebies on the train home, so we still get some to fulfill their best function – lining the grate for starting the coal fire.

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