The Stallion of the South

Hmm, well:

An artist who made his name by presenting a real racehorse as a work of art was betting yesterday on his proposal for a giant horse to win a £2 million commission for an “Angel of the South” sculpture.

Mark Wallinger\’s standing white stallion will be so huge that a person will be no taller than one of its hooves. At 50 metres – 164ft or 492 hands – it will be higher than any public artwork, towering over a site bigger than 50 football pitches.

Yesterday he described his proposed sculpture as a faithful representation of a thoroughbred racehorse in all but scale, being 33 times life-size.

So, lessee. A stallion\’s penis is some 2 feet long. 33 times life size…..

OK, so visitors to England, arriving on Eurostar, will be greeted by a 66 foot prick.

Can\’t say it\’s inappropriate.

7 thoughts on “The Stallion of the South”

  1. I saw this on South East today last night and the model they show distinctly lacks any kind of penis.

    I think we should have a 164ft cock, sod the rest of the horse!


  2. View fromthe Solent

    Wouldn’t a large white pachyderm be more fitting?

    Tim addsd: Don’t we already have one of those in Greenwich?

  3. “Whereas The Angel was funded with public money, the Ebbsfleet cost is being covered by Eurostar, London & Continental Railways and Land Securities, developers of Ebbsfleet Valley. ”

    That’s what I like to hear; privately funded.

  4. “Wouldn’t a large white pachyderm be more fitting?”

    Or a mad cow…

    Tim adds: No, she was at the Dispatch Box yesterday.

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