The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club

I\’m always a sucker for responding to get rich quick ads. I\’m always wondering whether anyone ever comes up with anything new, or whether it\’s just the same old, same old, tricked out with a few new words.

So when a man who claims to be Bernard Eley emails me with an introduction to the Ultimate Entrepreneur Club I\’m back in there subscribing like a shot.

So, just what is the Ultimate Entrepreneur Club?

" The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club was established 15 years
ago, and provides a practical, global financial educational
programme to help you learn how to legally avoid taxation,
protect your assets avoid the burdens of credit and debt
and make profits well above the norm.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club, is able to "pool", money
from their members, then invest the total amount into
Medium Term Notes, where past experience has shown that
members have doubled their investment in approximately 100
days, or 4 times in 12 months. That\’s around 1% compound
interest per day!"

My word, gosh, that\’s exciting! What are Medium Term Notes?

"Thank you for requesting more information on how you can
participate in an investment that can Double Your
Investment every 100 days by investing in "Medium Term

This particular investment body, is normally reserved for
Banks and Large Corporate Companies, due to the minimum
investment being beyond the reach of most normal

Hmm. That sounds amazingly like the Prime Bank Guarantee funds which were around in the 90s. And as a part of the come on I was told to listen to a conference call and yes, they were indeed exactly like those PBG funds.

You see, there\’s this special supper sekkret part of the financial system where only the very biggest players are allowed to gambol. Risk free returns of 1% per transaction and it\’s possible to complete a transaction in only a day, starting all over again the next!

But you, as an individual, can\’t take part: you\’ve got to band together with these fearless upholders of your right to make money so that you can gain such coveted access.

Now, I have to admit that I don\’t know whether this stunningly easy to turn down invitation really does come from Bernard Eley, although the email is indeed signed as follows:

Bernard Eley
Nibley House
North Nibley
GL11 6DL

Tel 01453 542818
Mob 07793 942436

And there is indeed a Bernard Eley apparently living at that address.

Free Directory Enquiries 01453 542 818 B ELEY NIBLEY HOUSE FARM NORTH NIBLEY DURSLEY GLOUCESTERSHIRE GL116DL Map Photo More Info

Electoral Roll 2002 – 2007 Sign in or register and get credits to view full details Full Details BERNARD ELEY XXXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX DURSLEY XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX Age guide: 40-44 (?), other occupants JOSEPHINE ELEY

Director Report Sign in or register and get credits to view full details Full Details BERNARD MARTIN ELEY XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX DURSLEY XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX Age: 41

But let me just be clear here. In my opinion The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club is a scam, a fraud, it\’s of the type known as an advance fee fraud. You stick your money in and it never comes back as the fraudsters gallop over the horizon with the cash, in my opinion at least. It might also be described, again in my own opinion, as a Ponzi scheme.

Now of course, Bernard doesn\’t know that this is a fraud, he\’s an unwitting dupe of those behind the whole plan. But I would seriously suggest to Mr. Eley that he disassociate himself from this transparently fraudulent programme as fast as he can.

It\’s also possible that Bernard isn\’t even aware that his name is being used in this scam, in which case I suggest that he attempt to find out who is and gets them to stop using his name.

Because this is a scam and anyone who enters it will lose their money….in my opinion of course.

Update: having called Mr. Eley, yes, it is him and he is involved….and while I\’m not a perfect reader of people, it does sound like he doesn\’t understand what is going on. I\’m awaiting a phone call from the next person up the chain with bated breath!

" Hi Tim,
Thankyou for your email.
I have a colleague called Derek Higgins from The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club, who has already invested in the Medium Term Notes.
It would be good if you could speak to him as he will be able to explain more about the opportunity, how it works, and the application process etc."

Update II: So I get the call from Derek Higgins and he patches in "Nigel", a "Stage II Manager" for the UK (I think I\’ve got that right). Firstly I\’m told that Medium Term Notes do indeed exist (and indeed they do, I\’m referred to Close Brothers at: to see a fairly standard commercial paper-ish programme). But no, you don\’t have to be part of an investment club to invest in them. No, there\’s no huge minimum investment necessary. In fact, if you want to invest in medium term notes I\’m pretty sure you can simply phone up a broker and buy some.

Now of course all of this is my opinion, a feeling in my waters if you wish. I simply do not believe that 0.5% to 1% returns daily are possible: I do indeed believe that the financial markets provide opportunities to do that occasionally, but I really don\’t that it\’s possible to make that sort of return day in and day out by trading in medium term notes: which are, after all, only a form of corporate borrowing, something between commercial paper and corporate bonds.

And I certainly don\’t think that if such an opportunity did exist that there would be a club with an upfront fee to join that would be the only way I could take part. At the very least the basic economics of the financial markets makes me think that the profit would have been competed away already (although acknowledging that $100 bills really do sometimes get found on the street).

Certainly, that when I talk to one member of the club, I\’m told that they\’ve only been in for a short time, then I\’m referred to the person who brought them in, who has (I think I\’ve rememberred this correctly) has put $10,000 in a month or two ago and then his backup is a much more aggressive gent who claims to have hundreds of clients in and he\’s been in for a year or more….nope, sounds to me like a pyramid there.

And I really, really, don\’t believe that 0.5% to 1% a day is possible, on a consistent basis, in any financial market.

I wouldn\’t touch it with a bargepole, although your view may differ.

A useful website for those who want further information. Note the similarity with some of the phrases in the proposal.



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  1. “It might also be described, again in my own opinion, as a Ponzi scheme.”

    I prefer a scheme that returns just enough “small” profits for my friends and I to fully invest before the rug is pulled out from beneath us. The best would be to show me a lot of profits on paper, but not allow me to get to the money until it is too late.

    Sign me up.

  2. Nothing ever changes except the players and the stage props.

    Ponzi was tried in Philadelphia, convicted, served a sentence of several years, and, upon release, was deported to Italy. When his ship docked, I’ve read, there were thousands waiting dockside for him, all with money for him to “manage.” P.T. Barnum is reported to have said, “There’s a sucker born every minute!” That’s what I’d call “classic understatement.”

  3. I have been reading with interest the above regarding the Ultimate Entrepreneur Club.
    I joined the club in August 07.
    I was shown how to clear my debts (£54,000 in total), which took around 6 weeks, and cost me less than £100.
    I was then shown how to invest in medium term notes. To date, I have made over £60,000 profit and I am obviously more than happy with The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club.
    Has anyone else reading this posting had a good experience with them, or am I the only one?

  4. “Has anyone else reading this posting had a good experience with them, or am I the only one?”

    To quote from Wikipedia on Charles Ponzi’s scheme:

    “Some people invested, and were paid off as promised. The word spread, and investment came in at an ever-increasing rate.”


    Raj, if you’ve made a decent wedge from this then thank your lucky stars that you were in at the right time, take your money off the table and get out of there as fast as you can.

  5. Actually, Raj, it may have been impolitic to tell of your good fortune. I believe that, when such schemes unravel, those who can be identified as having profited thereby are at risk, to the extent of that profit, of recovery in the interests of the losing investors. One need not know that goods one received were in fact stolen in order to be liable to recovery of those goods.

    There was a case just a few years ago involving a prominent news caster/TV personality who, with her husband (both lawyers, I believe), was taken in by some sort of public scam (though whether of the same sort I can’t remember). In that case, the pair, once having discovered their loss, were persuaded to refrain from reporting or acting to recover by an offer for them to recoup from the proceeds of yet later marks.

    In the Ponzi case, there was never shown to be any “investment” activity. People who placed money with him were simply told, if they asked, of handsome returns. If they wished, they were given their money and the reported increase–to serve as (unwitting) shills for the suckers still “out there.” Simple “cons” work again and again. There was nothing magic or financially astute about people like Billy Sol Estes or Tino
    DeAngelis (the latter conned American Express
    nearly to insolvency with “warehouse receipts” for tanks full of nonexistent soybean oil even as a great many of the late-night bar-hopping crowd in Hoboken, NJ were “in on it.”) Many of such schemes depend on favorable news spread by some who’ve seemed to do well. (That’s a technique called “salting the mine.” In one case of such “salting,” the perps were not too careful and, instead of using natural gold “dust” to prime the pump, were caught because they used ground-up jewelry, showing, on careful exam, tiny bits of diamond, ruby, sapphire, and even pearl! (Damn!–forgot that pearl doesn’t come outta mines.)

  6. I joined in May ’07 and have had much the same experience as Raj Hindon // May 24, 2008 at 3:48 pm post above.

    I was not sure if these people were ‘real’ or not. 13 months later I have got ‘debts’ of 45k disappeared by the so-called lenders and have decided to look at this medium term notes thing. Well actually I have dipped my toes with some money and am waiting for results. I will speak to anyone who wants to know more if they are polite to me.

  7. I have been a member and quit again.

    The information is very good but I don’t like the construction of the company.

    I don’t like that you pay 20% for the information you can find free on the internet, if you know how to search for it and then 80% to the salesperson.

    I could sell lots of programs for the club but I asked my self. Will others be able to sell just as much as me? I didn’t like the feeling of it and quit a very profitable business opportunity. Ethics is more important then anything.

    About the daily investment 0.5%-1% is possible. That is what I sell. I am an IB(introducing broker)
    I sell a more conservative trader. This is his monthly profits:
    1.85% 30.83% 10.65% 3.54% 8.50% 31.08% 14.52%

    My advice. Search for the information on the internet.

  8. I’ve been contacted by at least 2 TUE ‘Directors’. What really, REALLY, appeals to me is ridding myself of my debts. But, like many others I suspect, I’m worried that this is a scam and I’ll just lose the £640 joining fee and not my debts.

    IF anyone wants to tell me how to clear my debts in the way the club does then please, PLEASE do. Raj, Peter, Bjarke please contact me and tell me how.

  9. I am a member and please feel free to call me anytime for more information.

    This is not about making money, getting rid of debt and getting rich. Its about full freedom and liberty. Making debt go away and getting wealthy is just part of the process. Millionaires join the club as they have no idea how to get out of ‘the system’ or even protect their assets fully. A lot of high earners also have too many unncessary outgoings and pay taxes they could legally get out of. The law and taxes are another area of learning at the 1st stage of the club. Everything discussed here is only a very small percentage of what you can learn.

    Yes you can search online and study law and probably still be searching for 50 years. It took me 18 months to learn about 5 % of what I learn from the club at stage one.

    Like I said, its about freedom. Any questions feel free to call or email me anytime

    01388747344, 0774032163, [email protected]


  10. I believe you don’t get rich by doing certain things; you get rich by doing things in a certain way. And isn’t it great we have a choice, and wouldn’t it be boring if we all agreed and done the same thing.

    I am not a member yet, but I have read and listened to everything I could get my hands on and to me what’s there to loose, the government took more than £640 from me in the last couple of months. So I thing it worth the risk, there seems to me that there is a lot of common sense spoken to much for it to be a scam. See perhaps we are all being conditioned to think in a certain way that is not beneficial to anyone butt the banksters. We are the most watched over, licensed, taxed, policed, country on the planet, if we don’t join ranks and do something I believe our freedom is coming to an end, and that’s the biggest scam of all. Can You Honestly Say That We Are Free? I would love to here from you, if you agree or not. [email protected]

  11. I jointed the club week. It is not a scam i signed through my dad (would he sign me up if he knew it was a con?)

    Its the best thing i’ve ever come across my dad cleared his debt just like that and had his mortgage reduced.

    I love the information i’ve been listening to, even if i won the lottery i would’ve joined i cant praise this club enough the more information they sell me the more i’ll buy.
    listen and see the bigger picture.
    [email protected]

  12. Thanks to the folk have been in touch so far, feel free for anyone else to contact me anytime. Like I said before, I joined the club a while back now.

    Im now a member of The Liberty Wealth Club, we are striving to share more knowledge, create more freedom and of course more money and our materials are surpassing all expectations fo far and there is more to come.

    I didnt notice comments by Bjarke before but what we do in the 1st stage is worth way more than the 650-ish pounds it costs, especally if you have the same amount in debt to ‘get rid of’.

    Nobody has to sell anything. Obviously we make money by bringing people into the club but people only join to start the first step to freedom. Small price to pay if you ask me. The only person I believe who would find stage 1 disapointing is someone who has been truth seeking, studying and researching for 20 years or more. And that assumes they know how our fiat money system works, how debt is fraudulently created, how to fully protect their assets in numerous offshore locations and legally avoid paying tax and thats just the tip of the iceberg. Its a long shot but im sure there are a few out there. Not to mention anyone who knows why birth certificates exist and how social services have the power to take children away. Anyway im going off course now.

    Please do check it out. I can be contacted any time on email listed here or


  13. this is a complete scam. please do not get taken in by this. i listened to conferecne calls, spoke to Bernard / Derek etc and nothing has come of it. I have been given spreadsheets showing what returns I will make and I have not seen a dime ladies and gentleman. I have tried to withdraw my money and am not getting a response from them. this prays on the vulnernerable and whilst I am financially secure I have lost money in this. The Ultimate Entrpreneur club are now breaking up and are suckering people into Liberty.

    you can contact me and i can tell you what i know.



  14. Echo Mike Cooper above.

    There are plenty of opportunities around and some are good value and some not. What Mike Cooper says is about right. Anyone who wants to know more, email me

  15. Peter / Mike stop pedalling an untruth. if you have been brainwashed into this nonsense then good for you but stop pushing it onto others. you are simply trying to mae money yourself but recruiting others and create your own pyramid. back off

  16. Simple Simon. Nothing I have said even comes close to telling an untruth.

    I have no real need to get people to join. In fact in all this time all I have done is setup a landing site a few weeks ago and a fairly new facebook group (search “more freedom”) as that takes no time at all. If getting people to join was a priority I would have my name and details plastered all over the internet when in fact if you search this is the most ive ever said. Lets face it, most people join to learn about how money is created and how to use the law to tackle their debt even though that is only a small part of the club. A few months of making no debt repayments will equal your initial investment and any savings you have on top can be used to build your wealth.

    I know nothing about medium term notes and I presume the information about these would have been taught at a club seminar and should never have been used to promote the club but what do I know, its just a guess.

    Im helping friends and family eliminate debt and if they want to join ill leave that up to them but anybody who has to hard sell probably hasnt spent much time with the material and has only seen the benefits of bringing in new members and still has a mindset set in greed.

    Promoting the Liberty Wealth Club is completely optional and many people use our Foundation of Freedom package to set them on the right track involving deeper reasearch. This alone is a reason I personally have not dedicted a great deal of time to promoting the club as I have started studying certain parts of Law. Like one knowledgable person here said before, you can go and search for yourself but without understanding the VERY important foundations that this whole deception of society is built upon you can be led anywhere.

    Yes, some of the online marketing does look like a lot of other ‘money making’ schemes but only when you read it all, every page in detail you will see the focus starts at freedom/liberty, ends at freedom/liberty and in the process of acheiving that money is incredibly important. Its not perfect but when the biggest obstacle in our society is government debt, passed onto us as taxes and controlling many of us with personal debt then the most obvious way of promoting the opposite would be to talk about bringing more money in and getting rid of debt.

    This page makes it crystal clear what you receive with your first investment upon joining – The Foundation of Freedom package.

    Nothing is hidden.

    As for the alleged false promises and shady promotion that may have gone unnoticed by the management of The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club, I personally havnt seen any of it but id be happy to discuss my own reasons for joining Liberty Wealth Club and why I am no longer an Ultimate Entrepreneur Club member. I have nothing bad to say but when I see something moving in a certain direction for the better I will go with it.

    Any questions feel free to call/email

    Tel 01388 747495 (temp)
    Mob 07740342163

  17. The offshore world is full of sharks.

    The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club has taken a new direction since the owner and founder passed away in 2007.
    Its now being headed by his daughter and she is heading the opportunity away from the vision of the founders.
    Many in America and the UK are operating under L.W.C. Libertywealthclub.
    The club is only involved in educating people. It is not a ponzi scheme as it is set up as a direct sale. You buy the education and if you use it, thats up to you!
    I know all the original people in this organization and we are all upstanding Americans.
    We are the horses mouth regarding this activity and do not appreciate being lumped in with the scammers!
    I will talk to anyone who is open to educating themselves one step at a time. We do not hard sell anyone, but we do SELL!
    [email protected]

  18. Hi

    Have read through the posting and all the comments after reading through TUE & LWC websites.

    It looks like they are both selling (at stage 1) information to rid / reduce debt for GBP650. As regards stage 2 this seems a different product and a lot more expensive.

    We’re looking for ethical products to sell and the stage 1 looks like it has potential if a little expensive. Would be interested to hear by email (and see proof) of any information anyone has on this.

    Email – [email protected]
    Web –

    Please note that the site is not up yet as we are currently looking for ethical products to sell.

  19. Just come accross this page. The two guys above Bernard Ely & derek Higgins have now joined another rip off company The Claims warehouse. They say they can wipe out debts. The owner of this business was selling hot dogs not long ago on Blackpool prom, and now he thinks he can give financial advice. They have had so many complaints the MOJ is looking to now close them down. Typical MLM dicks- scoot form one crap company to another and every one is the best! What a joke

  20. Looking at some of the comments above, it strikes me that those who have not investigated a subject seem to think uninformed opinion is worth something. About 7 years ago I learnt it’s possible to make a lot of money from property, yes, even an average person can! Guess what ? people lined up to tell me ‘it’s not true, it’s a scam!’ Anyway I made money on property.

    Likewise before anyone condemns something, at least investigate – or are you scared you are wrong? It matters little either way. Stop making excuses and get out of the way of those who make the effort.
    So if someone says to you ‘if you want my opinion…’ tell them no one is interested.

    Oh and always check out something before jumping in – due dilligence.

    End of lesson.

  21. The Ultimate Entrepreneur is illegal in the UK – why? Because the investment is more than £200 within the first 7 days – as it is based upon the legal pyramid selling scheme it makes the system illegal.

  22. People it’s more than obvious that this is a scam!!!
    Please do not fall for it!

    Find a good Independent Financial Adviser (like me!) if you want to invest your money safely, the industry website is

    And above all else DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!


    Pls see below proof that this FIC mortgage-refund is a scam.

    I paid some £1020 to FIC via Gary Foxcroft about 8 months ago. They promised to update monthly & get mortgage money refunded from Lenders – neither of this happened.

    Gary & FIC have creamed off supposedly thousands of pounds from investors hoping to get their mortgages proven as ;written-off’…but this will never happen as so far FIC progress reports show a ‘general’ progress only to keep investors ‘quiet’ – those of us who are knowledgeable will know this is a trick/ploy. (My mortgage Lender Mortgage Express has not received any papers from FIC…which proves my point).

    I am trying my best to get refund for the 3 mortgages I paid for of some 300 pounds each.

    Pls email others and cc me who you think have been also hit by Gary Foxcroft and FIC.

    If you have invested money in this scheme pls email me on how we should join forces to get our money back ASAP.
    Tahir Shah : SHAHTX

    From: shahtx(Yahoo) [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: 06 June 2010 14:37
    To: ‘Gary Foxcroft’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘Freeman Investigations’; ‘[email protected]
    Subject: RE: LWC – FIC May Update

    Dear Gary and Company,

    It is with regret to inform you that I will very soon start to NAme and Shame your company.

    Unless you agree on a figure to refund me.
    Tahir Shah

    From: shahtx(Yahoo) [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: 03 June 2010 18:29
    To: ‘Gary Foxcroft’
    Cc: ‘[email protected]’; ‘Freeman Investigations’; ‘[email protected]
    Subject: LWC – FIC May Update

    Dear Gary,


    Your silence now only proves that you and FIC are wrong in what you are advocating.

    If you intend to keep my money based on the principle that ‘one-day’ I will get a bounty of money from mortgage companies, then this utterly disgraceful when Mortgage Express have not even received any paperwork from FIC.

    I would like to now remind you that this has become very serious and that I ask you again to return my funds.

    You may keep 100 pounds for the Admin work you have done but the rest of the funds must be returned to me.

    You should do this as you stand for the truth which is now becoming questionable.
    Tahir Shah


    From: shahtx(Yahoo) [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: 30 May 2010 21:29
    To: ‘Gary Foxcroft’
    Subject: RE: LWC – FIC May Update

    Dear Gary, pls respond – thanks.

    From: shahtx(Yahoo) [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: 28 May 2010 20:22
    To: ‘Gary Foxcroft’
    Subject: RE: LWC – FIC May Update

    Dear Gary,

    Thank you for your apology but you are an aid / affiliate to this FIC company. Either you get the refund from them or ‘you’ return me the funds.

    Sorry, I will not sit around and hope you will bring good tidings as that will not happen.

    I cannot believe the very people who expose truth from others actually promote false-hood, deceit and ill-feelings.

    I signed an Agreement that failed to provide what it said and that is day-light robbery. And you promoted / helped as I sent the funds to you when advise given to me by you after I paid for LWC membership. If you are providing such poor-products then I will not purchase any further products from you.

    I ask you again as a friend, compatriot and keeper-of-goodname of LWC to return me these funds urgently.

    I cannot loose these funds.
    Tahir Shah

    From: Gary Foxcroft [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: 28 May 2010 20:08
    To: shahtx(Yahoo)
    Subject: Re: LWC – FIC May Update

    I do not have your money, so I cannot provide a refund. If your agreement states no refunds possible, then that is what you agreed to. I apologise for making a mistake in claiming it was possible. There is nothing else I can do. Regards, Gary

    Sent from my iPhone

    On 28 May 2010, at 15:16, “shahtx\(Yahoo\)” wrote:

    Dear Gary,

    There is NO insult at all, ONLY Truth what you stand & advertise for.

    Infact, I am the one insulted but the dis-graceful progress report sent by your FIC company who no one has proof whether they exist or not.

    You have made commitment from your emails and also your skype messages for this refund.

    PLS stop luring me into this belief of ‘happiness-coming’.

    Pls be honourable and return my money you agreed previously. I expect a positive reply today.
    Tahir Shah

    From: Gary Foxcroft [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: 27 May 2010 21:24
    To: shahtx(Yahoo)
    Subject: Re: LWC – FIC May Update

    [19:18:44] * Gary: the only trash i have had so far is your disgraceful email
    [19:21:17] * Gary: u are insulting some good friends of mine and yourself because a) you are impatient, b) cant comprehend the clausesyou agreed to and c) compare apples and pears aka talk about Cartel.
    [19:21:37] * Gary: i think the time has come where it boils down to two things.
    [19:22:23] * Gary: you either wait for a happy result or wait until FIC decide something else.
    [19:22:51] * Gary: that is my final word on this matter as i will no longer be insulted in this way

    On 27/05/2010 19:11, shahtx(Yahoo) wrote:
    Dear FIC,


    And Gary & Mark Rist – thanku for taking my compliant to the higher level…I believe I ‘forced’ them to say something than keep quite…

    …a very similar progress mirroring what Cartel did last year.

    As yet there is no real proof to ‘bona fide’ customers whether anything has been done or not. If no intention to conceal then why not tell me who you are and what exactly you have done with the 3 cases of mine ??? Has a Barrister been involved as promised ? Perhaps you can tell me what response Mortgage Express have given you so far ? What is so concealing about this ?

    A courtesy progress entails showing what stage you have got to rather than giving a fuzzy / generalised picture.

    No concrete evidence shown whether FIC have done ‘anything’ at all.

    I kindly ask you to refund me fully.

    It is not what I want. It is not what you stated. You mis-lead me into believing positive result. This is NOT acceptable. And was not expected from LWC promoting such a poor product !!

    It is unlike the Credit-Card service where I know ‘WHO’ I am talking to and I can call Gary / Matt for help (I paid for that service & I am content – but this FIC is incredibly of LOW-value and less than what I was told initially).

    PLS REFUND of £1020 ME ASAP. Sorry your ‘research’ work is not appreciated.
    Tahir Shah

    From: Freeman Investigations [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: 24 May 2010 12:28
    To: shahtx(Yahoo)
    Subject: May Update

    UPDATE MAY 2010

    To our friends….

    We have received a few complaints in the last few weeks about apparent lack of progress and about inability to contact the principals behind FIC directly.

    An update report is overdue for which we do apologise. The reason why it is overdue is because we have been working hard on making things happen.

    Lets deal with the easy issue first.

    The reason why the principals behind FIC remain anonymous is deliberate. It is not intended to conceal identities from bona fide customers (although it is accepted that this is the net effect). It is intended to protect the principals from the banks being investigated. It is well documented that individuals who have challenged the banks and how they do business have become targets themselves. While, at present, our organisation would probably be regarded as no more than an irritation, if the volume of cases (and therefore the volume of income at risk for the banks) continues to rise, we will become more than just an irritation. Therefore the principles protect their privacy.

    Turning to progress (or the perceived lack thereof).

    We always knew things would not happen overnight. This was made clear at the outset. We are dealing with mortgages and investigating the fraudulent way in which the banks have handled those mortgages. Lets first remind ourselves of what the word “mortgage” means. Translated literally from the French it means “death pledge”. As we all know one is normally dealing with a 25 or 30 year term. So a period of one year or two years even three years or more to resolve matters is nothing in comparison. We invite you to apply some sensible perspective to timescales and expectations.

    Having said that, we do understand your frustration. We share it. We know the truth. But the system is geared to support the banks. It always has done. It always will do. What we are doing is manoeuvring them into positions from which they have nowhere to go. This is sometimes a painstaking process. They will and do vehemently defend their position. Of course. One would not expect them to do otherwise.

    The expression “test case” has sometimes been used. This is actually a misnomer. We do not need a “test case” as such. We know what happens. We know how it works. We know various ways in which to prove that. And we are using them. However, one size does not fit all. And so, in some instances, a little experimentation for exploratory purposes is of benefit for all. Our knowledge and experience is expanding all the time. It makes sense to use it.

    Let us reassure you that your patience will be rewarded.

    Freeman Investigations.

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  25. “As we all know one is normally dealing with a 25 or 30 year term. So a period of one year or two years even three years or more to resolve matters is nothing in comparison.”

    He he. that’s a good one.

    What I find ironic is all these people claiming, effectively, that “I was financially ruined and didn’t understand what ‘debt’ was and basically had no clue but now I can refer you to these people who can make you rich”. Having been frugal and responsible with a manageable level of debt all my life, first with a very low income and now with a higher one, forgive me for not having a lot of interest in what you guys can “teach” me.
    Somehow it seems to me that having, say, 20k in debt, there are probably better options to manage it/pay it down/even default rather than challenging the entire nature of Western economics and the concept of debt. There’s a fellow in australia trying to convince the High Court that numbers should be divisible by zero. Sometimes, it’s just not worth the trouble.

  26. My best friends family who is a relative of Bernard have been robbed of much money. Bernard does live at the address of this page it is the house next to my friends farm. Also his wife, Josephine Eley looks after many animals, though she rather likes abusing them. I have witnessed her slapping her dog after it came to her, pouring cold water in a horses ears and seen her leave a horse with its head tied to his legs.

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    Dear Gary,

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  28. If anyone would like to know more about the defunct LWC or Gary Foxcroft – pls email me.

    HE has run away with my money and I have a way to get this back from him – so pls email me and join me in getting your money back form his fraudulent schemes.


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