The Worst Payer

In the West End. So says the Equity president. I was thinking of a trail of unpaid bills, actors living on crusts as wages were late but no:

Mr Landis said: "Now I’m not backward in mentioning names, some people don’t like to, but I’m going to. Bill Kenwright is the worst payer in the West End, paying minimum for everything."

It seems to be that he pays the agreed union rate for the job. About which:

The accusation comes as Equity leads a campaign to improve pay in London\’s theatre land.

It wants the current basic minimum pay for actors working in the West End, of £381 per week, increased to £550.

I\’m not quite sure how they would make that stick. I realise that neither are actually very high numbers, not for the skills required in central London, but that\’s not how wages are set. There\’s a huge pool of people with those skills, all those "resting" actors. And many of them would give their eye teeth to land a regular part in the chorus of one or other of these shows.

A large supply, a limited demand: of course wages are low.

2 thoughts on “The Worst Payer”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    How about “Cull a Luvvie Week”?

    After the Glorious First we ought to be able to club as many “resting” Thesps as we can catch within the Greater London Area.

    That’d reduce the pool and push up wages. Give the rest of us a break in the open air engaging in some bracing physical exercise. Make London a better place for all concerned.

    Don’t see a downside really.

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