Timmy Elsewhere

At the ASI.

A small idea for the Prime Minister.

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  1. I posted this on the ASI but their comments system is crap and won’t put it up so here it is:

    “Do you propose to limit the consumption of drugs in these cafes until a comparable age for the consumption of alcohol. And if so how do you propose to deal with those under age that take them?”

    I’d have thought that would have been obvious. Yes, make the ‘toking age’ the same as the drinking age. As for how to deal with ‘underage toking’ – Same way as we deal with underage drinking.

    I’m not saying there’s no valid arguments against legalization, but anyone who comes back with “drugs…are dangerous” is talking ignorant crap. “Drugs” is everything from paracetamol, caffeine and nicotine through to PCP and heroin, with vast differences in terms of dangerousness, social impact and addictiveness from one to the next. The only worthwhile policy is one that considers each substance on a case-by-case basis.

    Finally, Arthur, have you ever considered that the reason cannabis is a “gateway drug” for some people is that they have to get it from the same illicit dealers as you’d get other substances that are actually addictive?

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