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On the glass ceiling and one of the more absurd ideas I\’ve heard of, even from this government.

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  1. I was just interested that you “gave up the struggle”. I did and cut out the crap by circumventing the mortgage nonsense and “wage slavery” by giving up many comforts to convert a barn. Relatively short term discomfort to achieve a large capital gain and I’ve managed to end up with no mortgage.

    To me, there had to be a different way of approaching life than having to suffer the idiots and/or assorted martinets of the business world.

    Frankly, I think women are a lot better if they choose not to enter that kind of rat race – or, at least, the higher ends of it where it becomes very “dog eat dog”. There are very much more interesting and fulfilling things to do in life than worry about glass ceilings.

    Tim adds: Umm, OK, let me say that I decided to fight a different struggle. I get paid to write, something I would and do do for free. No, I could earn more doing other things, but prefer not to. Does that make more sense?

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