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Russian style business and how to sue Wikipedia.


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  1. This problem has been noted, There are bills pending in the New York legislature and in the US Congress to prevent UK libel judgments from being enforced by courts in the USA

  2. The Economist has an interesting piece in their Briefing section this week. They make the point that London has become the libel capital of the world and in one case the Internet news site that was sued isn’t even printed in English.

    Its not just libel where people are shopping round for the best jurisdiction:

    “But litigants are also becoming more sophisticated. When a British tabloid, the News of the World, published a story about Max Mosley, a motor-racing administrator, he turned (unsuccessfully as it happened) to a court in France, which has strict privacy laws, to make the paper remove from its website a video which purported to show him engaged in sado-masochistic sex acts. Mark Stephens, a London lawyer, says “libel tourism” is giving way to “libel and privacy cruises”, where people are seeking the most favourable jurisdiction they can find.”

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