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Those poor public sector workers, won\’t someone set them free? Also, the shorter Jonathan Freedland and that tax thing, it\’s a start.

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  1. Not sure your Friedland logic works – presumably you wouldn’t accept that the Tories were unpopular in 1990 because everything Mrs T had done over the previous 11 years was a terrible idea?

    Tim adds: I’d certainly argue that some thought that way, yes. Some still do, judging by CiF.

  2. As I commented on the Spectator blog article, it drives me up the wall when things like the compensation for the withdrawal of the 10% tax band is touted as a ‘giveaway’. It begs the question that our money is not ours at all, and that which we receive net of tax is simply the portion that an all-knowing and beneficent government has seen fit to bestow on us.

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