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Journalistic alcohol intakes, idiot socialists quoting Adam Smith, the problem with cap and trade and clean development credits.

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  1. No. with all due respect (i.e. none) you’re an idiot – socialism as an economic theory is contingent on Adam Smith’s work just as much as modern-day capitalism is contingent on Adam Smith’s work.

    And as Tim points out, both sides are equally likely to misappropriate him, whether as a strawman or an advocate for their cause…

  2. Despite the fact that some of us appear to have our underwear in a knot, important topics like these can really go either way.

    Calm Down: Adam Smith was not a Socialist

    Adam Smith Was A Socialist

    let’s not forget my contribution:

    Theodor Herzl a Nazi?

    Zionist Founder Theodor Herzl was a German Fascist Nazi

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