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Timmy Elsewhere

Also at El Reg.

On a (fortunately) frustrated attempt to ban the manufacture of light bulbs in the EU.


3 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. I’ll be buying up big the moment these things look like being taken off the shelves here. How many lightbulbs does someone need in a lifetime?

  2. I mean the incandescent ones of course. Are these really already banned in Europe? Is the poor lighting the reason no-one is able to scrutinize EU legislation properly?

  3. Ahem! a glance at any toothpaste tube will give a clue to the right way to spell fluorescent. Bad luck to get it wrong on both tries though!

    Tim adds: I know, I know, it’s one that I’m always getting wrong myself. My only excuse is that so did the subs….and yes, The Register does have such.

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