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Great LolCat, more on the FLDS and why Hillary ain\’t winning.

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  1. FLDS
    I am embarrassed to be a Texan. I had no idea this was getting international coverage. “Innocent until proven guilty” does not apply when dealing with Child Protective Services. This is especially the case when the suspects do not conform to our ideals. Perhaps they were right to fear the heavy hand of government and the police powers of the state.

    I am not defending FLDS, but no charges have been filed. Families were torn apart based on allegations and a difference of beliefs. Perhaps the clarity of hindsight will reveal that basic rights should be afforded all men even if we disagree with their choices; even if the majority wants quick action; even if the suspects are a cult in West Texas.

    I hate to think that the government might suddenly disagreed with my lifestyle and chose to scatter my children across the state. What a slippery slope we find ourselves headed down.

  2. Of course, this ‘life style’ involved polygamy, which is a felony in Texas (and all other states).

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