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Why are charitable donations of both money and time declining? Could it be that the welfare state crowds them out?

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  1. Most people I speak with don’t bother to give to overseas charities anymore; the feeling is that most of the money just ends up in Switzerland anyway because of corruption.

    As far as time is concerned, I may be wrong, but at one time wasn’t donating a lot of time to charity work considered a social duty if one were a reasonably well-off upper or upper-middle class woman? Perhaps those people are beginning to give up, after a decade of being called nasty names by people like the delightful and generous Cherie Blair.

    Or more likely, they’ve just gone out and got jobs so they can afford to send their children to private schools, since the Labour government have destroyed the grammar schools which provided the only real alternative.

  2. I’ve stopped giving to charities in the UK. They are in league with Government, so if they want to play that rotten game, they can do it without my money.

    All my charity money is lent to people who won’t waste it (because they have to pay it back), via Kiva.

  3. I give goods, or time (when I can spare it), not money. I’ll be damned if I’ll see my money wasted on publicity or political lobbying…

  4. “I’ll be damned if I’ll see my money wasted on publicity or political lobbying…”

    Lend it to deserving people on kiva.org. You know they’re deserving, because they pay it back. Then you can lend it all over again.

    Much better than buying FairTrade to put third-world farmers out of business because they’re not an anarch-syndicalist commune. Or spending cash on the Soil Association to enrich UK farmers at the expense of African ones.

  5. I’ve heard that one of the reasons why the RNLI takes no government funding is that its trustees are convinced that if they did their public donations would go down by so much that they would actually end up in a worse position than they started.

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