Tsk, Abbey National, Tsk

All in a good cause.

Read this and then spread it please. A little bit of ridicule, some naming and shaming, might budge Abbey National from its entirely indefensible position.

I, however, feel Abbey have fucked up royally, and despite their goodwill gestures, feel that it does not take 16 weeks to calculate and pay interest. Indeed I calculated it very accurately in under 60 seconds on a pocket calculator. They appear to be trying to frustrate the payment of the interest due, and this is despite the local Abbey branch manager admitting it was Abbey\’s fault for losing the money and not paying it in to the specified account.

While I trust the ombudsman will resolve the issue, and is currently in possession of all the correspondence and documentation, I think Abbey might respond a little better to blatent and unapologetic naming and shaming. If any other bloggers out there wish to take up the mantle and name and shame Abbey then please do so.

4 thoughts on “Tsk, Abbey National, Tsk”

  1. “Jessica” in the DT on Saturdays does rather a good job on this sort of thing.

    I reckon she gives Abbey more stick than any other bank. They definitely have previous.

  2. But doesn’t there come a point – and I think Abbey have passed it with British Gas and BA coming up on the outside – where more bad publicity has no effect and the institutions concerned just gives the finger to their customers. Even “Jessica” and her equivalents in the Times/Sunday Times appear to be getting the runaround from Abbey.

  3. Perserverance is the key. I had running problems with Barclays for two years, whereupon I started out on a stint of letter writing whereby I’d restate my previous complaints again and again adding on any which had cropped up in the meantime. Eventually, a chap called me from a place outside a call centre, and sorted out all my problems in five minutes flat and gave me £275 for all the phonecalls, letters, etc. Why they couldn’t have got him to call me 2 years previously I don’t know.

    I found letters to work because they are obliged to respond to them, and they don’t cost you much. When they’ve got you on the phone, you are paying for it.

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