Turn Off the Redial Button!

Tee Hee.

A couple from Oregon lived through the ultimate redial nightmare, however, when they found a three-minute answering machine message from their son, a soldier in Afghanistan who had inadvertently called home during a battle.

The family told KPTV, in Portland, Oregon, that Stephen Phillips and comrades in his military police unit were engaged in a gunfight with Taleban insurgents when his phone pressed against his Humvee and redialled his parents in the town of Otis.

Sandie Petee, Mr Phillips\’s mother, and her husband, Jeff Petee, were out at the time but returned to find the message. They could hear shooting, swearing and desperate pleas for more ammunition.

6 thoughts on “Turn Off the Redial Button!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It could be worse. I know someone whose husband sat on his phone. While in a bar in Bangkok. She answered the phone at home and listened to a very interesting conversation between husband and, I understand, a very nice Thai bar girl.

    Still married.

    But I believe she drives a BMW convertible now.

  2. MikeinAppalachia

    Interesting sound track. A .50 cal, and two SAW’s? Can’t make out the AK’s. May have been a 9mm handgun at one point.

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