Very Confusing

A national jazz radio station has attracted record audiences after the owners announced its closure and replaced the DJs with a musical loop.

OK, great, so what listeners want is jazz, not DJs. An interesting finding and one that many other radio stations might do well to copy.

However, the station\’s closure prompted a backlash from music fans. The latest Rajar figures show the “dead” station attracted a record audience of 407,000 listeners, an increase of 40,000, during the last quarter.

A Facebook campaign has been started to revive the station, which ceased broadcasting finally at midnight, March 31 with Don\’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin.

Eh, the Facebook campaign wants to go back to the format which attracted fewer listeners?

Finally, I know what the purpose of Facebook is then. It\’s for the idiots to go to and leave the rest of us alone.

2 thoughts on “Very Confusing”

  1. I think you’re misreading the story. GCap first sacked the DJs and went to the music-only format. Then, on March 31, they stopped broadcasting anything at all on DAB. The Facebookists want to go back to having a 24-hour DJ-free jazz channel, not the the original format.

  2. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin”
    The station could still be on the air. Everyone probably just turned their radios off when that song came on and assumed the worst.

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