Victory is Thine!

You know, I hadn\’t realised that this MPs\’ expenses thing that went all the way to the Court of Appeals, this thing that\’s going to be most amusing indeed, that it has all started with a blogger.

But bugger me, it did.

Hats off lads, hats off.

5 thoughts on “Victory is Thine!”

  1. In a written judgment, they said: “Once legislation which applies to Parliament has been enacted, MPs cannot and could not reasonably expect to contract out compliance with it, or exempt themselves, or be exempted from its ambit. Such actions would themselves contravene the Bill of Rights.”

    Bill of Rights!

  2. lads? twas a chapette

    Tim adds: Yes, that’s why we take our hats off you see, ‘coz we be gents and she be a chapette, see?

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