We Have a Competitor

Seamus thinks that the seal raping the pengiun story will be the top one for the year:

Why am I troubling you with this prurient bestiophilic drivel? Just because I am pretty much certain that at the end of the year this will prove to have been the most-viewed, emailed, Dugg or by any other metric popular story on the BBC News site and I wanted you to hear it here first.

Maybe, although we\’ve got a contender here:

Doe-eyed Cindy would have been left all alone in the world were it not for the strong paternal instincts of the Great Dane, who is as protective of her as he is his puppies.

The 9st dog towers over his spotted companion, who he gently nuzzles and accompanies on daily walks, ever watchful.

The two-week-old fawn returns the affection by rushing over to her trusted friend whenever she is in need of reassurance.

OK, so it doesn\’t have weird sex in it but it does have sentimentality and animals. And Bambi!

Be intteresting to see at year end which wins with the Great British Public: prurience or pathos.

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