Well, Yes, We Knew This

Nor is it clear that organic saves the environment. A biochemist at Edinburgh University, Anthony Trewavas, has shown that organic uses more energy per tonne of food produced because the yields are lower. Also, because it requires more land – roughly twice as much as conventionally grown food – it means there is less available to be left unfarmed for biodiversity.

As for the oft-cited claim that organic food stops you ingesting tons of deadly cancer-causing pesticides – this got short shrift from Sir John Krebs of the Food Standards Agency. He wrote in Nature magazine: "A single cup of coffee contains natural carcinogens equal to at least a year\’s worth of carcinogenic synthetic residues in the diet."

Something of a scam then. But then we knew that too.

3 thoughts on “Well, Yes, We Knew This”

  1. As someone who has worked with organic producers in the U.S. for several years, may I add that as a group, they are some of the most self-righteous twats it has been my misfortune to enounter. And not terribly bright either.

    Once I asked why the organic regs forbid radiation of foodstuffs. “Because it’s RADIATION!” came the horrified reply. When reminded that sunlight is also radiation, they became rather sullen.

  2. The fear of conventionally produced food often stems from the idea that the farmer may have been sloppy in his application of poisons, and organic ‘not using chemicals’ is foolproof.

  3. Expensive, overpriced food made because its customers can a) afford the extra and b) believe (wrongly) that they’re helping save the natural environment and keep their children safe from nasty cancer-causing pesticides (wrong again).

    What I resented when I was in Sainsbury’s was that getting to the conventionally made produce I had to wade through countless aisles of “organic” food to get to it.

    Its a stupidity tax upon gullible mums.

    I look on “organic” food as another green bubble waiting to burst as the economy turns downward.

    By the way, Tim, did you notice Nigel Lawson’s essay on the “Green Bubble” in the Times? As soon as Lawson stopped working for Thatcher and started doing his own thinking, the man has got better and better (or maybe it was the diet?)

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