Yet More Bleedin\’ ID Cards

A government-appointed panel of experts is warning that the new ID cards system will be open to fraud by the people running it.

In a potentially damaging revelation, which undermines claims that the scheme will enhance national security, the group has concluded that it will be prone to corruption.

A new report by the Independent Scheme Assurance Panel (Isap), set up to advise the government on the implementation of ID cards, states: \’Based on the likelihood that the scheme will aggregate a lot of valuable data, there is the risk that its trusted administrators will make improper use of this data.\’ It adds: \’The scheme will be subject to data errors and errors in decisions made.\’

The acknowledgements come as the government has admitted it is to contract out the taking of fingerprints and photographs of ID card applicants to the private sector to save money.

So we\’re to have a group of private companies feeding the basic fingerprint and photo information into the system, are we? So which gang boss has already set up a company, with some nice front men, to handle this task do you think?

Sheesh. Yes, private is normally better, buit dispersed entry of information into a security system?


1 thought on “Yet More Bleedin\’ ID Cards”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I find the claim that private companies pose a threat to our privacy and might exploit that data for m0netary gain bizarre. Surely no one in their right mind would deny that Civil Servants pose a bigger risk of all that – and of losing the data files on the Tube and so on.

    Of all the things wrong with the ID Card system, and God knows there is enough, surely any sensible person would admit that private sector involvement is the *least* of their problems.

    Personally I think that all we have to do is delay, delay and delay some more. The whole idea is not merely vile but stupid and the longer they have to think about it the more that this one obvious fact will sink in. Eventually even Cabinet Ministers will understand it. In the meantime I am preparing to do jail time when civil disobedience becomes sensible. Studying geology I am.

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