Russia\’s minister of sport has promised an unprecedented police presence, a ban on public drinking and the absence of outdoor TV screens to keep order when more than 42,000 Chelsea and Manchester United supporters descend on Moscow for the Champions League final.

A ban on public drinking?

"Drinking in public areas is not allowed under Russian law but there are plenty of places where consumption can take place," said Alexey Sorokin, head of Russia\’s Champions League organising committee.

It\’s illegal? When you have kiosks selling draught beer on most streets?

9 thoughts on “You What?”

  1. I don’t think beer counts as alcohol in Russia – it doesn’t come under Russia’s alcohol advertising regulations, for example.

  2. Jon Barnard is correct: beer is not considered an alcoholic drink in Russia, it can be sold without a license and drunk pretty much anywhere.

    As I shall demonstrate on Sunday if the weather stays like this.

  3. I was there for the Russia v England game last year when the authorities were saying exactly the same thing beforehand but did nothing to enforce it.
    Two minutes on any Moscow street will show that public drinking is far more common and accepted than it is even in British cities.
    I expect there will be some trouble on Wednesday as Russian teenagers try to “prove themselves” by attacking anyone English. I also expect a knee-jerk reaction blaming the English fans by people who haven’t a clue what they’re talking about…

  4. My plan (tempted though I am to venture out to watch British chavs introduced to proper policing) is to sip a glass or two peacefully at home to the distant sound of Russian policemen chanting “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough”.

  5. I hope the relative hardness of Russian police is also echoed in their dog section, because the papers this morning had a lovely set of photos of a violent drunken thug getting his leg wrapped in the warm embrace of an Alsatian’s operational end.. 🙂

    What would the Russians likely use in these cicumstance?

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