Zero Tolerance Policing

Cracking down on those evil criminals.

A plumber with a heart condition spent 18 hours in a police cell after being accused of dropping an apple core while on the way to collect a prescription for his wife. Keith Hirst was arrested by five police officers, taken to a police station and had his DNA and fingerprints taken. The 54-year-old, who has had heart surgery, twice needed to be seen by a doctor as he complained of dizziness and chest pains.

Is this an extension of the broekn windows theory of crime?

6 thoughts on “Zero Tolerance Policing”

  1. No, it’s an extension of the Little Hitler syndrome.

    Makes my blood boil. They’re only doing it to boost detected sanctioned crime stats. Funny how there are five of the fuckers available to harass an innocent man, yet they are “too busy” too turn up while your house is actually being raided:

    Who do you think is going to be targeted on the tube with this new alcohol ban? Someone quietly sipping a tin of premixed G&T, or a gang of drunk yobs? Yes, I think we know, don’t we?

    I hate the police.

  2. “I hate the police” – No, they are only responding to the perverse incentives they have been given.

  3. “No, they are only responding to the perverse incentives they have been given.”

    There is such a thing as integrity.

  4. “There is such a thing as integrity.”

    You are right but when the system penalizes integrity you either drop your standards or leave. I think Canada is a popular destination.

  5. MikeinAppalachia

    “”Littering is an offence and GMP work tirelessly to ensure the streets are not only safe but also clean.”

    That’s a good idea. I’m going to suggest that be applied in the Village (township) where I live. No reason to have police and street sweepers. But, we’ll have to decide on which set of employees to retain and what their priorities are to be.

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