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Will Hutton discovers the interaction of globalisation and superstar economics.

Gosh, there\’s rich people out there! How dare people who handle the retirement investments of tens of millions make money? How appalling that the man who has revolutionised the global steel industry gets stinking rich!

How absolutely ghastly it is that a public intellectual, one married to a buy to let property developer, only has mere millions to play with, not enough for his own Gulfstream jet. How truly disgusting that such a towering figure has to arrive at Davos on a scheduled airline.



4 thoughts on “ZZZZZZ”

  1. Some might think that “public intellectual” is rather over-egging the pudding for poor old Hutton. ‘Public bletherskite’ might be nearer the mark.

  2. MikeinAppalachia

    Noticing the date of the 2nd link, and this-“a third of US second year MBA students dropped out last year to start companies).”-wonder where they are now and what they are doing?

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