An Important Question

Members of parliament could receive a standard allowance of £40,000 a year on top of their salaries to pay for a second home in London, under proposals to be finalised this week.

A committee of senior MPs, chaired by Michael Martin, the Commons Speaker, wants to add the payment to MPs’ salaries of £61,820.

One that we really do need to get sorted out now. Would this allowance become part of the baseline upon which their pensions are calculated?

5 thoughts on “An Important Question”

  1. Presumably those who have constituencies within 20 miles of central London won’t get this?

    Surely there must be some hostel near Victoria station that the government could buy and fit 650 MPs in if they want to stay in London overnight?

  2. And you don’t get the allowance if you live in one (or more) government houses e.g. No 10, No 11, Chequers, Admiralty Arch…..

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