Anonymous Witnesses

This seems fairly clear:

Mr Straw said on Wednesday that “there is a difficult balance to strike here, between giving witnesses who fear for their safety the confidence to give evidence in court and ensuring that innocent people are not convicted”.

So what does a lawyer think of this?

He is wrong. There is no such balance. The law lords have repeatedly explained that Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights confers an absolute right to a fair trial, which cannot be balanced against other considerations, even in relation to measures taken to protect society against terrorism.

So, that seems to be that then, doesn\’t it?

And we shouldn\’t want it any other way of course.

5 thoughts on “Anonymous Witnesses”

  1. “It won’t stop them rushing through an poorely drafted law riddled with unintended consequences, though.”

    You mean negislation?

  2. WWW’s the ticket: Worldwide Witness Waterboarding. Maybe could even be a specialty of the major “waterparks” to do the unpleasant necessaries and then smooth over the “extraordinarily rendered” with free tickets on the rides.

  3. So how would you deal with gangs/mafia who can kill/torture witnesses or their relatives. And have done so.

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