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Caroline Lucas MEP

My God, the woman really is dense, isn\’t she?

Here\’s a video of her talking about how the global trade system should be reformed.

She says that the current system of "Global Competition" should be replaced with one of "Global Co-operation".

Err, she\’s obviously entirely unaware of the fact that the market itself is the most glorious example of human co-operation: not just tens of millions, hundreds of millions, but billions of people co-operate right around the world to bring you the things that you use in your life.

Quite seriously, any and everyone who has bought a metal halide light bulb anywhere in the globe in the past decade has relied, in part, on a small group of Kazakh uranium miners and the work they did in the 80s and 90s. Indeed, just about anyone who has driven down a road lit by street lamps has done so.

Shit, has the woman never read "I Pencil"?

She then compounds the offence by stating that the New World Order should contain safeguards for local production for local consumption: self-reliance.

This idiot is suggesting that we should prompt "Global Co-operation" by not co-operating with Johnny Foreigner.

How do people like this get elected?


9 thoughts on “Caroline Lucas MEP”

  1. ‘I Pencil’ should be requird reading in schools. In one essay, it compresses a textbook’s worth of information and so beautifully that it’s a delight to read.

  2. “How do people like this get elected?” – she didn’t, she was roundly thrashed, very few of the people voted for her, they chose another person to represent them, but she got in on the PR ticket.

    A perfect example of what is wrong with Proportional Representation.

    She represents the nastiest and most ignorant of rich peoples’ sentiment at the cost of the poor.

    What is particularly sickening is that she has contributed nothing (in fact negatively) to the wealth and power of the West that permits her potty indulgences.

    She represents something very nasty, and is a real and present danger to humankind.

  3. There is a fundamental difference between competition and cooperation!

    One of my favourite explanations is the one tendered by Margaret ‘BNP’ Hodge, here in Hansard on the topic of ‘nursery vouchers’.

    The beastly Tories introduced these – a few £ a day towards nursery costs, but they merely led to cut-throat competition between nurseries to offer, er, the best nursery.

    Nulab replaced these with, in the common parlance, ‘nursery vouchers’, a few £ a day towards nursery costs (this ‘free place’ stuff is straightforward lies) which, unlike the Tory model, “emphasise co-operation, rather than competition, between providers”.

    There is a huge difference between nursery vouchers and nursery vouchers!

  4. It can be said shorter, Mark (though I’m not overly addicted to shortness, as some will have notuiced):

    Price and quality competition IS the method through which cooperation occurs.

    That this can be so owes entirely to the inequalities between individuals and different parts of the natural environment and is expressed in the Law of Comparative Advantage.

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  6. Well Tim you are entitled to your opinion of course. However I personally think she is doing decent work opposing the Canadian seal cull in the European Parliament.

    Hard to get a definitive impression of character from a few sound bites and a website but she seems honestly committed to what she thinks is right. For a politician that is a decent starting point.

    Tim adds: A good starting point indeed. Pity she messes it up by having no contact with logic or evidence…..

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