Child Abuse

Libby Brooks has a decent piece on a method of stopping child sex offenders from, well, reoffending. There\’s an earlier Guardian piece about it here and something I wrote on it here.

Started by the Mennonite Church in Canada and taken up by the Quakers here, at its simplest volunteers become the social support group for those offenders released from prison. My impression is that it works almost by social shame, or the desire not to let down those in that new social circle.

However is does work in detail, on the larger scale it works incredibly well. Reoffending rates are usually something like 70%. Of the 49 who have joined those Quaker run programmes in this country, not one has reoffended.

It works, which is really something rather wonderful.

But I have to admit to a certain sadness at this news:

Now, with further Government funding, Circles is expanding across the UK, with the Quakers taking a back seat. This is no longer a faith-based initiative, with volunteers presenting from all strands of society.

Yes, I\’m afraid that I\’m a terrible cynic. I just worry that something which moves from being embedded in a local community (and works precisely because of that) will turn completely to shit when run nationally by the State.

Turning to other matters:

According to the most recent study, between 16% and 20% of all children in this country experience some form of sexual assault before they reach the age of 16.

No, sorry, I don\’t believe that at all. Not unless we\’re using so wide a definition of "sexual assault" as to be meaningless.

3 thoughts on “Child Abuse”

  1. Well, this was to be expected, wasn’t it?

    As for the figures for “Sexual Assault” – self reporting in these surveys always has a degree of unreliability and the definition of sexual assault will be far broader than that required to get a legal conviction.

    It usually hovers around the 10% mark e.g. Plant M, Plant P, Miller P. J Addict Dis. 2005;24(1):25-38 – which of course, is still 100% too much.

  2. I can’t remember where I read it, but if I remembers correctly the activists’ definition of sexual assault includes such horrors as being photographed naked – this includes two day old junior getting his first bath and two year old juniorette enjoying her first paddling pool.

    Honestly! When will these numpties learn they do more damage to their cause by quoting crap numbers than if they did nothing.

  3. Brilliant Sun stupidity there.

    IIRC the main thing which takes it up to 10-20% is sexual assault by peers (other kids, not Lords).

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