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The ICM opinion poll for Global Vision, the Eurosceptic campaign group, found that among people who want to remain in the EU, a majority would like Britain to opt out of political and economic union, and restrict itself to links based on trade and co-operation.

Roughly the Norway or Switzerland option: it\’s difficult to say that thsoe two countries are basket cases as a result of their divorce from the central institutions of the EU.

The Global Vision/ICM survey found that when British voters were asked about their ideal relationship with Europe, 41 per cent chose one based simply on trade and co-operation. Some 27 per cent wanted Britain to stay a full EU member while 26 per cent wanted to withdraw altogether.

If the "trade-only" option were offered in a referendum, 64 per cent said they would vote in favour. Asked what should happen if Britain sought to negotiate a looser relationship but other nations blocked the move, 57 per cent said the UK should leave the EU, while 33 per cent said it should stay in.

Ruth Lea, director of Global Vision, said: "A looser relationship, based on trade and co-operation, rather than full political and economic integration, is consistently the option of the British people."

While not quite wholly and exactly what I would want (I\’m one of those who are so extreme as to think that the very idea of the EU is a bad thing in and of itself) the results of this poll (for what poll results are worth of course) do show that as a member of UKIP I\’m a member of the only major political party (yes, major, last time out at the euro elections we were third in the number of votes received) which is actually with mainstream opinion in the country.

Trade and cooperation? Sure, but not full membership and integration into The Borg.

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  1. A bloody ridiculous poll, given that it is not obvious what the difference between “trade” and “economic integration” is — indeed the more trade there is between two societies, the more their economies are integrated.

    If the poll has listed specific policies and asked people if they were for or against them, it would have made sense.

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