Enhanced CRB Checks

Hang on a minute….enhanced CRB checks include all allegations? Not just convictions, not just even charges, but allegations? Ones that are investigated and dismissed?

Since then, all criminal allegations, whether or not they are ever proven in court, have been entered on to suspects\’ police records and disclosed to future employers who request enhanced CRB checks.

This has an entirely perverse effect: if you are ever alleged to have done something, you now don\’t want the case to be dropped for lack of evidence or anything like that. You want, and you\’ll not be able to force, the case to be taken all the way to court so that a formal not guilty verdict is recorded.

Way the choke the court system, eh?

4 thoughts on “Enhanced CRB Checks”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The obvious solution is to confess early. And then appeal alleging the confession was extorted or beaten out of you. They will have to take you to Court then.

  2. “The obvious solution is to confess early.”

    They are called “cautions”. It’s what you do when you’re told “come now sir, no need for publicity, this can all end here by signing this bit of paper”

  3. In fact, even if you go to court and are acquitted, that fact also stays on the record and comes up when you get your CRB check.

    One can imagine the result: “No smoke without fire, eh? Next please!”

    There’s no way out of this, just have nothing to do with it.

    Oh, and Kay, cautions are also recorded, with no doubt the same negative outcome.

  4. “Oh, and Kay, cautions are also recorded, with no doubt the same negative outcome.”

    Yeah, that’s what I meant. The “it ends here” bit being an out and out lie (but what do you expect from coppers?).

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