Enough to Put Anyone Off

In Ireland the surge in the "No" vote was being attributed in part to the unpopularity of Peter Mandelson, the EU trade commissioner.

4 thoughts on “Enough to Put Anyone Off”

  1. I think its shocking that the Irish people should be allowed to vote on an EU treaty because they live in a constitutional republic and this Treaty is clearly an alien constitution in disguise.

    Its much better to be told what the politicians want as they do in the UK, isn’t it Tim?

  2. It’s a shame the anti-treaty animus is driven by protectionist sentiment, but any port in a storm.

    Of course it won’t make a blind bit of difference in the end. After a lot of hand-wringing, followed by dodgy backroom deals, the treaty will simply re-emerge under a different and more palatable guise, and will then be imposed by fiat.

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