Erm, Polly?

I\’ll admit to being well out of touch on such issues but

Aneurin Bevan failed to get GPs to the join the NHS, so they remain to this day private businesses. They have life-long contracts that can\’t be removed, with a guaranteed income, and large increments for doing things that should be part of their job. They own their businesses – and usually their premises – and sell them on when they retire.

I\’m certainly under the impression that GP practices are no longer bought and sold. Indeed, that this whole idea rather disappeared around the time of the creation of the NHS itself.

But anyone actually know?

4 thoughts on “Erm, Polly?”

  1. They aren’t. Don’t know when it stopped being done like that. I think it still works like that in the Channel Islands though (not part of the NHS).

    Even if it was like that what’s her point – that GPs have to pay a fortune to become a partner, so it’s obviously right that they’re well paid?

  2. Her objection is probably that some GPs have the presumption to be paid almost as much as she gets, which is SO unfair as they have passed all their exams while she seems to have failed all hers.

  3. MikeinAppalachia

    Polly’s almost always good for a little humor regardless of topic.
    “…directly employed by other GPs who meanly refuse to make them full partners in their businesses.”
    “meanly”-Yeah, right. I’m sure that is the reason.

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