Erm, Really?

Hillary Clinton is licking her wounds, relaxing at an undisclosed location with her husband, Bill, and daughter, Chelsea, doubtless pondering the causes of her failure to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

Yet as the New York senator considers her future in American public life, there are new claims that she is also considering the future of her marriage. The First Post, an irreverent online news magazine, last week alleged that some of those around Mrs Clinton believe that her failure to beat Barack Obama has weakened the cement in her marriage.

The argument goes like this: Mrs Clinton stood by her man despite his serial philandering in exchange for his support for her own political ambitions. Now that the 42nd president is himself partly blamed for her losing the nomination with his often-incendiary public comments, their relationship will go the same way as her candidacy.

We\’ll class that as today\’s unfounded rumour, shall we?

3 thoughts on “Erm, Really?”

  1. Effing and Blinding

    Funny all that.

    At the heart of her campaign was the the experience she claimed to have over Obama whilst in the White House. The implication was the marriage was sufficiently strong that Bill sometimes let her fly the plane. Bugger me, but they didn’t give me the impression at the time they were that close. But she was happy to bring up the closeness of that marriage when it suited.

    I reckon deep down Bill is relieved she lost. I couldn’t see this alpha male doing the Mr First Lady Hand-Bag-Holder-in-Chief thing. And being Mr Second Lady VP is out of the question for him. I think he is quite enjoying being a private person again.

  2. “I think he is quite enjoying being a private person again.” Or “privates person” as the case may be.

  3. Why do you think Hill is out of the race? She’s just waiting for Obama to implode, and then she’ll win the nomination on the floor of the Convention. The Superdelegates will decide who’s nominated, and they don’t officially vote until then.

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