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Finally Some Sense

Patients who pay for “top-up” drugs will no longer be denied free NHS treatment, the Government will announce next week.

n a major reversal of policy, the Department of Health will review the present rules, which ministers regard as unfair and a penalty for people fighting life-threatening illnesses such as cancer.

It will announce an end to the “co-payments” system, in which those who buy drugs that the NHS has deemed too expensive are made to pay for the rest of their care.

Thank the Lord for that: it always was a nonsense that if you were prepared to use your own money to add to your treatment you would then be denied the treatment you had already paid for.

3 thoughts on “Finally Some Sense”

  1. People who have, for many years, paid for the NHS have been refused treatment they were entitled to, because of a choice they made with their own savings. And some have died. They might have died anyway, but my point is this- the NHS didn’t have a problem about withholding medicine, and letting them die.

    At the same time, that same NHS writes off millions, every year, on the treatment of health tourists who have paid nothing, and will pay nothing. All this on the pretext that these dedicated medics can not be expected to turn a sick person away at the door? I don’t think so.

    I think it is politically more acceptable to our lords and masters, to reward parasites, and punish initiative. And the medical profession were happy to go along with that.

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