Freedom Loving Tories

While Basher rises the horse of civil liberties others in the party wish to curtail them.

All communities need to be treated equally under the rule of law irrespective of their background and we must never fail to take action on issues like khat because the prevalence of the drug in the UK is relatively low or because it is restricted to some minority communities. When any section of society is under threat, affected or underachieving, we must all stand up. That is why a future Conservative government would legislate to make khat a classified drug.

You do, of course, have a natural right to ingest what and as you wish: restraining a man from an action purely for his own good, as Mr. Mill pointed out, is not a justified restriction of his liberty.

Worse than that is the point that she misses how the illegality of drugs adds heavily to the harm that they do. And finally, as an authoritarian she seems to think that making activity illegal stops said activity.

Ask the nation\’s four million regular tokers about that one maybe?

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