Idiot Recycling

Good Lord, the morons have managed to screw up even the part of the recycling process that makes economic sense!

Curious to find out what happens to my old beer cans, I asked the spokesman for the German recycling company. He rang me back within days and with enthusiasm. “They are compressed with other things and made into park benches!”

Beer cans are aluminium. Making virgin aluminium requires huge amounts of energy (to the extent that by preference you site your aluminium plants next to a hydro-electric dam which is specially built for you to site your aluminium plant next to) but recycling old beer cans requires a great deal less.

Recycling one aluminum beverage can save enough electricity to: power a TV for three hours, or a 100-watt light bulb for four hours. Recycling 40 aluminum beverage cans has the energy-saving equivalent of one gallon of gasoline. It takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than to start at the beginning mining the bauxite. Recycling that beverage can reduces effluents and emissions by 95 percent creating a more sustainable future.

So, instead of doing that these idiots are pressing them into park benches which no one then uses.


4 thoughts on “Idiot Recycling”

  1. There’s so much energy involved in smelting aluminium that “The Smelter” in New Zealand takes a tenth of the country’s electricity (or more, now that they have a hydro supply problem because of drought).

    Whenever electricity prices go up, so goes up the cry for “shut down The Smelter” (it’s foreign-owned, which makes it evil, you see).

  2. Our Kiwi cousins have a hydro supply problem becuase they won’t allow new hydro schemes to be built.

  3. Something’s wrong with the story. If they get any quantity of such aluminum scrap, some customer ought to be showing up with cash in hand sufficient to buy them away from the refuse-pressing operation.

    The obvious surmise is either that the “recyclers” don’t know anything about what they’re doing or that the volume of such scrap is beneath the level worthy of notice.

  4. “Our Kiwi cousins have a hydro supply problem becuase they won’t allow new hydro schemes to be built.”

    Well sort of.

    New Zealand sits across two tectonic plates. Downsides include volcano eruptions and earthquakes. Upsides include the pretty Alps and limitless geothermal energy. In Rotoroa you can actually grow baked potatoes in your back garden. So do they have limitless electricity from geothermal plants? No.

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